Quad 4000C SMT Placement System:

A Pick-and-Place Machine (PPM) offers economic advantages for mid-volume board assembly.  The PPM performs high-precision placement of surface-mount technologies (SMT) for improved production and efficiency.  This modular assembler offers a comprehensive range of solutions for diverse SMT applications.

How the QuadAlign System works:  The optical alignment process begins when the host controller sends a description of the component to the QuadAlign system. After component pickup, the monitoring and alignment process takes place while the placement head travels to the designed PCB coordinate for placement. Using the assembler’s built-in adaptive process control, the pickup location, the scan height, and other key process parameters are monitored and altered to optimize the placement accuracy.  

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High-Precision Workstations  OTSA prides itself on under the scope applications that include PCB inspection, component assembly, reworking/soldering of PCB's, and general inspection purposes for any opaque sample visible to the naked eye unaided.

Ultrasonic Cleaning This Commercial Grade Ultrasonic Cleaner has 10 Sets of Powerful Ultrasonic Transducers. This unit allows for reliable mechanical control of Cleaning Time and Temperature. Safe and Efficient Heater - Enhances Cleaning.



Nordson EFD High Precision Dispensers for very fine pitch or large pad applications. Nordson EFD provides us with reliable benchtop fluid dispensing control.  A digital display of dispenser settings and time adjustment as fine as 0.0001 seconds we are able to have exceptional control to the placement and the amount deposited to the PCB’s, and other critical dispensing processes.

Heat Appliances We employ a number of heating techniques to achieve consistent solderability.  For example, in-hand techniques are utilized for effective handling of stubborn ground plane rework. With our programmable reflow oven, we can match any solder paste manufacturers’ precise specifications for preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling.  All techniques keep all components safe from excessive heat that may damage components or delaminate the PCB.

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