Getting Started

  • Customer can provide either a bare or populated PCB in need of repairs with clear instructions of any required modifications
  • Customer must provide a bill of material (BOM) of components and parts including no-populated parts identified
  • Customer must also provide an assembly drawing and/or layout diagram with clear component designators for fast assembly
  • Each work proposal assumes a customer will provide all or most parts to get started. OTSA keeps limited components on-hand, if needed; to expedite service, OTSA will work with customers to provide necessary components and parts for projects to permit timely execution. 
  • PPM requires Pick and Place CAD files – call for more instructions

    We recommend you send slightly more components than required on the BOM for on-time delivery. All unused parts will be returned to the customer upon board delivery.


    OTSA offers a convenient free standard delivery service to local customers (within 25 miles of Georgetown, TX) via courier service. All other delivery fees will be charged based on specified carrier service.

    We understand the priority of your jobs, and thus our objective is to make deliveries on-time in a safe and secure manner.  If your primary address is closed during holiday or off-hours, please provide us with a back-up address, we are happy to deliver to an alternative address.

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