At OTSA, we specialize in quick-turnaround micro-electronic assembly for prototypes and mid-volume production (no minimum order quantity). 15+ years of experience, insures we have a well-defined process that is suited for quality builds, and we pride ourselves in quality workmanship and proficiency in construction, rework, and handling of each and every job.

We offer our customers completive pricing with minimal overhead.  All assembly work is executed in a privately owned shop in the Central Texas area, outfitted with a PPM (precision placement machine), work stations for under the scope assembly done by hand and custom fine-pitch solder applications.

A key to our success is establishing effective communication with our customers early on, and maintaining a dialog during and well beyond project delivery.  Whether a simple assembly or a complex build, we are determined to meet your needs. Upon arrival, PCB's are thoroughly inspected for inconsistencies or visual discrepancies to guarantee we provide you with an accurate bid before starting any component population.

PCB’s undergo a well-defined final inspection at the end of each build. We take the time to scrutinize our work because it saves the customer time and money to do the job right the first time.  Each build is checked for any data correlation of engineering changes (ECO's), quality workmanship, cleanliness, and a number of other attributes before the boards are placed in electronic shock protective packaging for shipping.